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Eco-Friendly Farms

The owners of the orchards and cider mills of La Pomme des cantons du sud-ouest are keen on offering their guests a quality farm experience. Furthermore, these apple growers are committed to following a Pomiculture Raisonnée program, a certification that ensures owners follow an ecological approach to farming. For each stage of apple production, the program implements eco-friendly methods that promote the protection of the environment and the health and safety of people all while producing high quality apples.

Some examples of good practices:

• It is strictly forbidden to apply any insecticide during bloom in order to protect pollinators.
• Localized insecticide treatments (versus whole orchard treatments) are prioritized in order to protect useful insects and limit the negative impact pesticides have on the environment.
• It is strictly forbidden to apply any fungicide two weeks before harvest.
• The orchard must follow good agricultural practices to reduce the risks of soil erosion.
• Measures must be taken in order to ensure the quality of the water.
• Re-entry times after the application of agricultural products must be followed by all people with access to the orchard.
• When choosing a type of agricultural chemical, the producer takes into consideration the level of toxicity: the health risk (IRS) and the risk on the environment.
• The Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) of all agricultural chemicals must be respected. i.e. If an agricultural chemical has a PHI of 7 days, once applied in the orchard, apples cannot be picked until at least 7 days later.

View of Montreal across apple orchards on Covey Hill along the USA Canada border

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Photography by Phil Norton

Dew drops on summer apple in orchards southwest of Montreal, Quebec, Canada